East Beckley Community Transformation Center

The East Beckley Community Transformation Center mission is to transform our community one project at a time and our children one student at a time.  The center was created to serve the East Beckley community especially the HUD housing apartments located in close proximity.  The center serves as a place for various organization and community members to hold meetings and events.  We currently offer free tutoring for students in K-12 grades. The center has a emphasis on STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) with a computer lab with over 15 computers. The opportunity to experience competition robotics, 3D printing, photography, videography, computer coding with raspberry pie’s reading program, and community gardening is available. A kitchen is also available for healthy cooking classes. Children of the community are encouraged to come here after school to learn in a positive atmosphere. 

 The center was made possible by city council woman Janine Bullock working with the director of HUD to get the building in good condition. The board of HUD voted to approve Community Transformation Project to use the facility. City Council from the City of Beckley voted to pay the utilities, insurance, and rent. This project has been a collaborative effort from multiple agencies and community volunteers and donors. The building was dedicated on September 7th , 2018.  This project has been a labor of love from Vickie Webb, Executive Director of Community Transformation Project to the community of East Beckley.